About Us

We  offer you "total peace of mind" when it comes to making sure your place  of business, parking lot, entrance approach and walkways are free of  snow and ice so it's business as usual. We work with you to customize a  snow and ice management program that meets your needs and budget. The  same applies with all our commercial services.  

Circle  G LLC  started as a small two-man framing contractor and has grown into  a full service commercial construction company with a history of  successful projects. Our company of circle g was founded in 2002. Two  brothers had a dream to build a successful business, not just for them,  but for many others to prosper and work hard. 

It  has been our belief to treat others as we want to be treated. We have  great family values and this is shown in our work throughout. Our  clients know us as a contractor that delivers a level of value and  professionalism that is unsurpassed.  On every project, we utilize the  fastest and safest execution of the project with a clear cost and  benefit solution, yielding the best final cost every time. We realize  that our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their  expectations is key to the success of our business

 It's  old fashioned, but we do what we say we're going to do. Plain and  simple. We are a family run business, and operate in the communities we  live in. 

Interior  and exterior general construction, remodel, repair, and maintenance  services. Circle G LLC specializes in shopping center maintenance as  well as industrial park and office building maintenance. All  our services provided are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We  have the capabilities to successfully complete a job of any size, and  our problem-solving abilities truly set us apart.


Superior  quality, and value at a competitive price. The services we offer  include, but are not limited to, new concrete slab & industrial  floor installations, large paving parking lots, construction site  cement,  aggregate base installation, excavation, trenching, underground  pipe work, manhole structure repairs, backfills, final  grading, restoration, concrete footings paving maintenance. and much  more...

 Like  family! All our team members are equally as important. With each person  comes a unique skills set for every job we do! There is no one person  better than the other. Our success is based from team loyalty and  dedication. No matter the position or description, they all play a vital  role to the outcome of the company success and workmanship. 


-ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Assoc.) 
-SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Assoc.)

       -Advanced Snow Management

-Mass Snow and Ice Contractors Assoc.
-AMS (American Meteorological  Society) 
-Commonwealth Of Massachusetts licensed Contractors 
-Mass. & NH licensed real estate broker. 

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